Good Plastics.

with meaning.

Good Plastics.

with meaning.

Since 2021 creating biomaterials that adapt to your business.

At B4Logic we are dedicated to the development and compounding of biomaterials, based on the valorization of natural by-products from different types of industries, which allow us to obtain bio-based and biodegradable products.


Circularity as a means of
storytelling unique to you.

Circularidade como meio de storytelling exclusivo para si

Due to world population growth, coupled with the increasingly intensive overexploitation of natural resources for the raw materials extraction, and the increasingly significant deposition of end-of-life products in landfills, it is essential to rethink solutions that allow the circularity and valorization of by-products.

Our compoundings tell the story of your product’s origin and create more empathetic bonds with your end consumer.

Circular life cycle



Valorization of organic and inorganic by-products associated with your company’s development area, allowing you to create an emotional relationship with your product.



Formulation of the compounding based on the circular recovery of previously treated waste, allowing to obtain differentiating products.


Use and

Our compositions are used to create several types of products and packaging in different sectors, which serve their purpose.


Decomposition and

After use, products designed with our bio-based formulas can return to the ground without harming the environment.

What if you could have an exclusive
formulation for your brand?

Biodegradable polymer base + Your by-product

Compoundings to be developed specifically for you, depending on your business typology, by valuing the by-products generated within the scope of it, promoting its circularity.

What if through circularity we
could solve 
real problems?


The Good Bottle

With a biodegradability rate of 74%, at the end of 45 days, the project “The Good Bottle” presents itself as a case of success that marks the change of the world industry in favor of sustainability, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic present in our oceans which, in turn, have destroyed the existing ecosystem.

What stories do
your products tell?

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